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Trauma, stress, compulsive behavior and anxiety were once considered to be almost impossible to overcome, however EMDR offers a deeply healing method of treatment that is immensely effective even when applied via Skype or Zoom. Miri Pesach has been treating clients with EMDR through Skype since 2013, allowing her clients to maintain a higher level of efficiency and privacy.

Feeling anxiety when facing challenges is our body’s natural way of informing us something’s not right. But if the anxiety feels overwhelming and persistent to the point of interfering with daily life, it may be due to an emotional imbalance that can be treated with effective therapy. 

The persistent feeling of sadness and bereavement, feelings of loss that are debilitating and don’t improve with time can be worked on and improved with effective therapy. Learn how to take control of your life and reach your true potential.

Traumatic events we experience may cause heartache and devastation, but that pain can be alleviated and with work, turned into a an object of the past. Understand how your life can be rebuilt again.

Children and teens often find it difficult to express themselves, making it more challenging for us to help guide them. Help your child grow up to be a caring, independent and responsible adult by speaking to professional today about discipline and setting boundries that work.

Unwanted thoughts and fears may lead to repetitive incontrollable behavior that interferes with daily activities and causes significant distress. Learn about the psychological  methods that can minimize and alleviate these seemingly insurmountable behavior patterns.

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Why Miri Pesach, MSW?

My specialties include women’s trauma recovery, alleviating anxiety, and family treatment with parents and teens. I have been practicing online therapy since 2013, long before covid-19 hit, and I can testify that it is a widely accepted and vastly effective method of treatment that has many advantages.

Online therapy is an especially good alternative for people who live in small, close-knit communities, where reaching out to the best suited professional may feel like an impossible task.
You may be reluctant to consult with a member of the community; someone you meet daily at shul or when running errands.
Online therapy offers clients with a unique opportunity to seek help from a top professional therapist, without risking compromising their privacy or confidentiality.