I'm Miri Pesach, MSW​

I received my MA degree in Clinical Social Work with honors in 2012. I am currently a Doctoral candidate at the University of Haifa. I teach ethics and social work in Laniado’s nursing school, various seminaries for girls and Mivchar, a satellite branch of the University of Haifa.

After  years of offering face-to-face therapy in the dialysis, geriatric and oncology wards in Laniado Hospital/Sanz Medical Center and working with children at the Bet Elazarky rehabilitation home for children, I opened my own private clinic.

In 2013 I added online therapy to my repertoire. Ever since, I have been treating many clients from Jerusalem to London. When possible, some clients prefer to receive at least one session in person and then opt to continue receiving treatment via Skype or Zoom.

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